AAE - Max Bond Vane Glue - 20 gram Maxbond

by AAE

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Max Bond Glue is specifically formulated for AAE Plastifletch Max, Max Hunter vanes and Max Stealth vanes.

Max Bond is a high-viscosity liquid that is easy to work with and penetrates well when using AAE tough Elastimax material vanes.

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  • Whether you are fletching carbon or aluminium, this is one of the toughest glues available.
  • Great shelf-life if stored in a cool environment with the lid on.
  • Maxbond works great on all properly prepped shafts with AAE, Bohning and Q2i vanes.
Not for use on glue-in points or inserts.

Ten Zone Update!

We have found that AAE Max Bond provides unbeatable adhesion when used in combination with Q2i vanes and the AAE Maxweld Primer Evolusion Raptor .003 Shafts. Prior to fletching, we clean the shafts with Diggers Isopropanol (sold as isopropyl alcohol) sold at various hardware stores.

Made in the USA by Arizona Archery Enterprises.

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