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Evolusion arrows, shafts and components are designed in Australia for Australian archery.

  • The RAPTOR is a tough, accurate, standard diameter (.2445" ID or 6.2 mm) shaft for the serious bow-hunter and 3D competition shooter.
  • The TOMAHAWK is a hard hitting, slim diameter (.204" ID or 5.2 mm) shaft delivering the superior performance that demanding bow hunters require.
  • The DOMINATOR is a superior quality, super consistent, micro-diameter (.165" or 4.2 mm) shaft designed specifically for the competitive target archer.
    Evolusion Arrows Target Shaft Spine Chart
    If you are using a fixed blade broadhead with your compound set-up you can use this spine chart as a guide however YOU MUST move at least one to two spines stiffer for an acceptable tune.

  • Remember to to factor in the weight of your insert or half-out when formulating your hunting arrow.
    Raptor 3D and bowhunting standard diameter arrow with feathers by Evolusion Arrows from Ten Zone Archery

    Evolusion - Raptor - Hunting / 3D Arrow with Feathers - 6 pack

    Evolusion Arrows

    The Raptor by Evolusion Arrows® is a superior hunting and 3D arrow in the .2445 ID (6.2mm ID) category. The feather-fletched Raptor is an accurate ...

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