Evolusion - Raptor ARROW with 4 inch Feathers - .005 - 6pk


The Raptor .005 by Evolusion Arrows® is a pure carbon arrow formulated as a versatile all-rounder in the .2445 ID (6.2mm ID) category.

The Raptor is a tough, consistent bowhunting and 3D competition arrow.

This .005 or better straightness graded arrow is for those wanting a good value bowhunting and 3D shaft that offers the tightest tolerances and best performance in this price point.

  • Bowhunters can build the perfect hunting arrow with high FOC using Raptor arrows with the optional brass inserts.
  • 3D archers who want to shoot a 5 gpp arrow will appreciate the 'mid-weight' gpi characteristics of the Raptor shaft across all spines.
  • The 5.6 gpi 600 spine Raptor is great for low-poundage shooters.

The Raptor Arrow with feathers is sold in 6-packs.


Straightness Tolerance: .005 or better.

Weight Tolerance (factory fletched arrow): +/- 1.5 grains.

Arrow Length: 32.25" (measured to the nock throat).

Available in the following spines (and gpi - bare shaft value):
400 (7.4 gpi), 500 (6.5 gpi), 600 (5.6 gpi).


  • EVO-S (Standard) Nock: 10 grains (throat ID: .1280")
  • EVO .2445 Insert: 20 grains (suits a point with 5/16" or 19/64" seat OD)

This arrow comes factory-fletched with high quality 4-inch shield-cut feathers at an aggressive right helical.

PLEASE NOTE: colours of included feathers and nocks are different according to arrow spine, as listed below. Arrows are fletched with two feathers of the first colour and one of the second colour. These colour combinations may change, depending on supply.

  • 400 spine: Orange/White feathers, Flo Orange nock
  • 500 spine: Orange/Yellow feathers, Flo Yellow nock
  • 600 spine: Red/White feathers, Flo Red nock


  • EVO .2445 Brass Insert: 49 grains
  • EVO .2445 Brass Insert: 74 grains
  • EVO .2445 Micro Nock Bushing: 7.5 grains (suits the EVO Micro Nock and similar .165 ID nocks by other manufacturers)
  • EVO .2445 Pin Bushing: 9.5 grains (only use pin nocks with bows at 60lb draw weight or less)

Screw-in Saunders Points are sold separately - 5/16" and 19/64" OD are suitable.

Important information

Please refer to the Evolusion Arrows® Spine Chart and Safety Information.

Fletched arrow specifications are subject to change without notice.

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