Evolusion - Raptor Shaft .2445 ID - .003 - 12pk


The 'Raptor' by Evolusion Arrows is a premium pure carbon arrow shaft formulated as a versatile all-rounder in the .2445 ID (6.2mm ID) category.

The Evolusion Raptor is especially suited to 3D archery and bow-hunting.
  • 3D archers who want to build a 5 gpp arrow will appreciate the gpi characteristics of the Raptor shaft across all spines. 
  • Bow-hunters can build the perfect mid-weight hunting arrow with high FOC using Raptor shafts - the characteristics of the 250 spine shaft being a standout offering for this scenario.

The Raptor is available in two straightness tolerances (this listing is for the .003 version): 

  • .003 for archers who want the best accuracy the Raptor can offer.
  • .005 for short draw-length or budget-minded archers.

This arrow is a class leader for straightness and spine deviation - superior to other arrows in this price-point. Try and find another arrow with the same GPI specs, weight variance per dozen, spine deviation and spine range as the Raptor for the price!

Straightness:  .003 (this is the MAXIMUM run-out for a dozen shafts, not the average).
Grain Weight Variance on Mean (per dozen shafts):  +/- 1 grain
Shaft Length:  31.35" (measured to the nock throat).
Maximum Spine Variance on Mean (per dozen shafts):  +/- .006"

Internal Diameter
Outer Diameter
250 9.6 .2445 .301
300 9.1 .2445 .298
350 8.0 .2445 .293
400 7.4 .2445 .291
500 6.5 .2445 .285
600 5.6 .2445 .282


  • EVO-S (Standard) Nock:  10 grains (throat ID: .1280"), red colour.
  • EVO .2445 Insert:  20 grains  (suits a point with 5/16" or 19/64" seat OD).
  • EVO .2445 Brass Insert:  49 grains (suits a point or broadhead with 5/16" seat)
  • EVO .2445 Brass Insert:  74 grains (suits a point or broadhead with 5/16" seat)
  • EVO .2445 Micro Nock Bushing:  7.5 grains. (suits the EVO Micro Nock and similar .165 ID nocks by other manufacturers)
  • EVO .2445 Pin Bushing:  9.5 grains. 

We recommend Mynock Pin Nocks for use with our Pin Bushing. Only use pin nocks with bows at 60 lb draw weight or less.

Check out the Evolusion Arrows spine chart HERE.

NEVER shoot an arrow that is too weak in spine for your bow setup! Doing so will INCREASE THE RISK of arrow or equipment FAILURE and POSSIBLE SERIOUS INJURY to yourself or bystanders. Shooting any combination of bow and arrow has inherent risk BUT YOU CAN REDUCE THIS RISK by reading the Evolusion Arrows SAFETY INFORMATION PAGE and putting this advice on arrow safety into practice. 

Read Evolusion Arrows safety info HERE.

Shaft Cutting

If you would like your arrow shafts cut free of charge, please indicate your AMO arrow length* in the special instructions field in your cart BEFORE you proceed to Checkout.

*AMO Arrow Shaft Length is measured from the nock throat to the cut point - NOT the length of the carbon only. The insert and / or point is NOT included in the AMO Arrow Length.

Made for Evolusion Arrows to strict specification in China.

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