Want to build the perfect arrow for your bow set-up? The Evolusion Arrows spine chart is your essential reference guide. Click here to open the spine chart image in a new window.

Unlike simpler spine charts published by other brands, ours includes more factors that affect arrow spine selection:

  • a range of suitable point weights, and
  • variations on bow set-ups.

This spine chart is specifically formulated for the Evolusion Arrows range.


Start with your DRAW WEIGHT and BOW SPEED. Look across the chart to the column matching your AMO DRAW LENGTH to find the recommended ARROW SPINE and POINT WEIGHT RANGE (see FAQ below the chart).

You can use this chart directly without variation if you are using the following set-up:

  • compound bow with 70 to 75% let-off
  • bow speed rating between 310 fps and 330 fps
  • release aid and d-loop on the string

Look at the SET-UP VARIATIONS at the base of the chart if your set-up varies in the following ways:

  • your compound bow has 80 to 85% let-off
  • your bow speed rating is outside 310 fps to 330 fps
  • you are finger-shooting

The set-up variations tell you what adjustments to make when looking at the chart.

Open the spine chart image in a new tab or download it for easier viewing.

If you are using a fixed blade broadhead with your compound set-up you can use this spine chart as a guide however YOU MUST move one spine stiffer than recommended for an acceptable tune.

Remember to add the weight of your insert or half-out to your point weight when calculating your arrow spine.

FAQ: Why does the Evolusion Arrows spine chart show a recommended point weight range with each spine?

Answer: To determine the correct arrow spine for your bow-setup, it is vital to include the point weight in your calculations (the combined weight of the point plus insert/outsert).

If your combination of bow draw-weight and arrow length leads to a spine and point-weight combination that doesn't suit your requirements,

  • arrow too light or too heavy
  • FOC too low or too high

you may need to vary your set-up to build the perfect arrow:

  • use a slightly shorter or longer arrow
  • or use a different point weight
  • or reduce your bow draw-weight slightly
  • or use lighter or heavier vanes.
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