Here's answers to frequently asked questions at Ten Zone Archery.
Has COVID-19 changed the way you do business?


We are now online only.

We have also reduced our product range to mainly specialise in arrows, and everything you need to fletch your own arrows.

Our hero brand is Evolusion Arrows®, the Australian-designed arrows with the tightest tolerances and the best range of precise-fitting, durable components. Check out the Evolusion Arrows website by tapping here.

Will you cut my arrows to length for me?


If you're comparing our arrow and shaft prices with other online retailers it's worth checking if arrow cutting is included in their price.

If you buy arrows or shafts from us, we include arrow cutting free of charge. If you require free cutting, select Yes on the arrow or shaft product page, and select your required AMO* arrow length in the drop down menu, before clicking Add to Cart or Buy it Now. Tap here to go to Arrows and Shafts.

*The archery industry has a standardised method of measuring arrow length, and you will often see this referred to as AMO Length. AMO stands for Archery Manufacturers Organisation. AMO arrow shaft length is measured from the nock throat (the groove of the nock) to the cut point (at the front end of the shaft) - NOT the length of the carbon only. The insert and / or point is NOT included in the AMO Arrow Length measurement.  

Do you sell or service bows?


Do you buy, sell or trade second-hand archery gear?