Here's a few questions asked most often at Ten Zone Archery, and our answers.

Do you need a licence to buy a compound bow?

No. Licensing of archery equipment is not yet on anyone's agenda... yet.

Do you buy, sell or trade second-hand archery gear?

No, we don't, as we cannot be sure of the quality and safety of second-hand items. 

Can I bow-hunt Kangaroos or other native animals?

No. It is ILLEGAL to bow hunt native animals, full stop. If we suspect you intend to shoot at any native animal or bird, we will not sell you any archery gear.

Will you cut my arrows to length for me?


If you're comparing our arrow & shaft prices with other online retailers it's worth checking if arrow cutting is included in their price.

If you buy arrows or shafts from us, we include arrow cutting free of charge. If you require free cutting, select Yes on the arrow or shaft product page, and select your required AMO* arrow length in the drop down menu, before clicking Add to Cart or Buy it Now.

*The archery industry has a standardised method of measuring arrow length, and you will often see this referred to as AMO Length. AMO stands for Archery Manufacturers Organisation. AMO arrow shaft length is measured from the nock throat (the groove of the nock) to the cut point (at the front end of the shaft) - NOT the length of the carbon only. The insert and / or point is NOT included in the AMO Arrow Length measurement.

Do I need a stabilizer?

The short answer is no… you can shoot an arrow from your bow without one. But there are practical reasons why archers use stabilizers. Professional target archers always use stabilizers, or more than one. Stabilizers absorb vibrations in the bow at shot release, which reduces the shock felt by your hand and arm. They make the bow quieter, and most importantly, help keep your bow balanced. Weight down low helps your bow sit straight, and steadies your sight as you aim. Weight out the front of the bow helps resist torque when you release the shot.

How long should a stabilizer be?

The length of the stabilizer depends on the style of archery you are shooting. Bowhunters might prefer a shorter, more manoeuvrable 6-inch stabilizer, and target archers shooting at a target 80 metres away might choose a 30-inch stabilizer with a double v-bar.

If you’re planning on competitive archery, check for any limitations on stabilizer lengths for your shoot division.

What are side rods for?
Side rods help balance the bow by adding weight behind the riser. You can counteract the weight of a bow-mounted quiver, or a target sight, by putting a side rod on the opposite side.

What's your best price on this product?

We set our prices to reflect the level of personal service we offer you and the excellent quality of the gear we stock.