AAE - FreakShow Target Rest - STD Mount


The AAE Freakshow rest is a rock-solid micro-adjustable target rest, designed for the serious target shooter.

AAE’s proprietary hex alignment launcher blade system is also featured on this rest, allowing the archer to change out the blade without having to readjust for correct centre-shot.  

The launcher rotates up and down for the exact blade angle preferred.  

Laser-etched white adjustment lines ensure adjustments are easily visible. 

Oversized lock-down machine screws ensure that all adjustments are secure.  

The freakshow comes with two different original length launcher blades to help the elite target archer adjust for the perfect tune.
Standard width in .010″ thickness installed and wide width in .012″ thickness.  

Components on the Freakshow are all Stainless Steel. 

Available in:

  • Extended or Standard - This listing is for the STANDARD mount version.

  • RH or LH

Made in the USA. 

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