AAE - Lube Tube - Arrow Lubricant

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Stop struggling to remove your arrow from tough targets!

This lubricant is for use with carbon and alloy arrows in any target material.

The Lube Tube includes the lube liquid and the applicator tube - everything you see in the product photo.
It comes with a metal attachment clip so you can keep it handy on your quiver.


  • Put the lubricant in the aluminium applicator tube
  • Push your arrow through the soft plastic cap with the X in the centre
  • Rotate and remove the arrow... EASY!
Only for use on carbon and alloy arrow shafts.

Take extra care not to get Lube Tube Arrow Lubricant on your bow grip or release aid!

    Lube Tube Oil Refill also available at Ten Zone Archery.

    Made in the USA by Arizona Archery Enterprises.

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