BCE - 4-Sided Block Target - Economy

by BCE
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This 40 x 40 x 36cm target is great value for money.

The BCE Economy Target is a no-frills compound bow target that will stop any arrow.
  • Shoot it on 4 sides.
  • Durable internal foam layers.
  • Easy-pull with any poundage bow.
  • Multiple shooting zones on a weather resistant shell.
  • Will stop bows up to 75lbs; we tested it!
  • Portable - carry handle equiped.
  • Lightweight, approximately 6kg.

Built by Australians who are actively involved in the sport of archery.

Not intended for use with broadheads but many customers are using the BCE economy target as a cheaper alternative to higher priced USA-made Broadhead targets.

Using this target in the rain is OK but it should not be left outdoors permanently.

Prolonged exposure to the weather and sunlight-UV, will reduce the life of ANY target.

Proudly Australian-made in Cessnock, NSW.

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