BCY - D-Loop Rope

by BCY

The professional and number one choice of archers and bow hunters worldwide. 

BCY #24 D Loop Material - 5 foot length.

Occasionally you may receive MORE than 5 ft if the loop material cannot be supplied as one continuous length. 

  • #24 stiff braided polyester - strong and durable.
  • Good consistent burn - able to produce perfect epoxy ball ends
    by gently applying an open flame to a 'fuzzed' end.
  • Great for use as drop-away rest activation cord.
  • Handy to keep in your quiver or archery kit.
NOTE: Be sure to keep the jaws of your release aid free of nicks and dents and your loop will last a long time!
Made in the USA by BCY Fibers.
Packaged with care by Ten Zone Archery. 

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