BLACK EAGLE - Carnivore Shaft .003 - 12pk


This all purpose hunting / 3-D shaft was designed by experienced, professional shooters to optimize speed, kinetic energy, and penetration.

With spine-to-weight ratios and superior tolerances that experienced bow hunters look for this shaft is proven to perform at all levels.

The 'Carnivore' has exceptional durability and is sure to bring home the trophy in the field or on the 3D course.

 The Carnivore shaft comes with: 

  • Black Eagle Standard Nock - 11 gr.
  • Aluminium Inserts - 14 gr.

Straightness: ± 0.003" max.

Black Eagle measure shaft straightness over the full length of the shaft - up to 32 inches.

This grading method produces shaft batches with greater straightness tolerances than most competitor's shafts.

Weight tolerance: ± .5 grains 

Spine Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
250 .2445" .303" 9.7
300 .2445" .296" 8.5
350 .2445" .291" 7.5
400 .2445" .287" 6.8
500 (30-50 UL)* .2445" .281" 5.9

*The 30-50 Ultra-lightweight shaft is designed to be shot from bows with a draw weight between 30-50lb.

Do not exceed 50lb draw weight limit as it may damage the shaft and cause serious injury to you or others around you. 

Optional components are available for the Zombie Slayer Shaft and are sold separately:

  • Pin Nock Bushing - 70/75 T-6 aluminium.
  • Stainless steel .2445 break-off point.
  • Brass Insert - 42 gr.
  • Saunders 19/64" diameter Combo or Bullet Point.
Black Eagle Carnivore, Outlaw and Zombie Slayer components are all interchangeable.
Gold Tip and Easton .246 components will not fit Black Eagle .2445 ID shafts. The exception is the Easton G-Nock Uni-Bushing, which fits.

Shaft Cutting

If you would like your arrow shafts cut free of charge, please indicate your AMO arrow length* in the special instructions field in your cart BEFORE you proceed to Checkout.

*AMO Arrow Shaft Length is measured from the nock throat to the cut point - NOT the length of the carbon only.

The insert and / or point is NOT included in the AMO Arrow Length.

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