BLACK EAGLE - R Nock - 12pk


R .204 nock

Fits the Black Eagle Rampage and Renegade shafts.
  • Balanced design
  • Tightest tolerances ensures consistency
  • Tough polycarbonate material.

Weight: 10 grains

Optional components available for the Rampage and Renegade Shaft are:

  • Rampage Aluminium Bone Crushing Half-out - 20 grains
  • Pin Nock Bushing - 70/75 T-6 aluminium
  • Rampage-Renegade Platinum Stainless PLATINUM Crushing Half-out
  • Stainless Steel Rampage-Renegade Break away point - 120/ 110/ 100 grain Break-Off

Gold Tip and Easton components will not fit Black Eagle .2445 ID shafts.

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