BOHNING - A-Nock - 12pk

by Bohning

The A-Nock has the Double-Lock throat design, to keep your shaft on your string during "let-down" while maintaining a clean release.

Fits the .204" ID Evolusion Tomahawk shaft, Gold Tip Kinetic shaft, Victory RIP shaft and the Easton Axis shaft.

Also fits any shaft that uses the the Easton X-Nock. eg. Easton ST Axis and the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) range of shafts.

A Nock Features:

  • Double-snap system ensures your arrow stays on the string until the shot.
  • Made of durable, impact resistant polycarbonate. 
  • Large throat to suit most compound bow strings.
  • Excellent grain weight consistency.
  • Great range of colours available.

Weight:  7 grains approx.
Throat: .120" (suits most compound strings)

Do not use solvent based adhesives on these nocks.
Indexing tool not included.

Made in the USA. Packaged by Bohning Archery.

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