BOHNING - Big Jig Fletching Jig

by Bohning
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The Big Jig will give you the perfect 3º right helical or 1º offset fletch with any standard height vane, between 2 and 4".

The Big Jig will allow you to fletch any size arrow shaft from 17/64" hunting shafts to 23/64" diameter line cutters, with speed and accuracy.

  • Works with 2, 3 and 4" vanes from manufacturers like Bohning, AAE and Q2i.
  • Comes with two clamps - one degree right offset and three degree right helical.
  • The unique clamp system provides greater down force, creating better vane adhesion than traditional magnetic-clamp fletching jigs.
  • Places 3 vanes 120°, as well as 4 vanes 90° and 4 vanes at 60° x 120° (uses swappable adapters - not pictured). 
  • Easy set-up and simple, fast operation.
  • Comes with non-stick fletching tape to prevent fast set adhesives from sticking to the clamp. 

Instructions included.

Additional non-stick clamp tapes are available at Ten Zone Archery in 3 quantity packs right here.

Comments: It's the PLASTIC FANTASTIC! We use this jig with AWESOME results on standard diameter carbon shafts like Evolusion Raptor, Victory VForce, Black Eagle Outlaw, Easton Powerflight and Gold Tip Hunter, as well as .204 ID shafts like the Evolusion Tomahawk, Victory RIP and Black Eagle Rampage.

This is a super fast and accurate jig... fletching with the 'Big Jig' really is a no-brainer! 

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