BOHNING - Bow Grip and Sight Window Pad - 2 pack


This versatile camouflage micro fibre adhesive material is for use on any hunting bow.

You can use this adhesive pad on the bow sight window and arrow shelf for sound reduction.

  • A durable stick on material that can be removed if required.
  • Will tolerate intermittent rainy and damp conditions but not constant or continuous submersion in water. 
DIMENSIONS of each sheet: 46 x 4 inches (155 x 105 mm).

Directions for use.

  1. Cut the adhesive camo to fit the area to be covered.
  2. Clean the surface where the camo 'pad' is to be applied. We use DIGGERS Brand 'isopropanol' (isopropyl alcohol) but DO A TEST on an inconspicuous part of your bow first.
  3. Peel off the backing sheet and stick the camo 'pad' on; rubbing firmly to ensure a successful bond.
No two sheets of this product are identical; some sheets may have more or less green in the camo pattern to that shown in the photo. Some sheets may be all brown in colour - please keep this in mind when purchasing this item.

Colours of actual products may vary to those displayed on your device. All text and photography is subject to copyright.