BOHNING - Killer Vane - 50pk

by Bohning

The Killer is the tried and tested broadhead vane with the perfect combination of flexibility and firmness.

4 inches of pure performance - Killer Vanes are the full 4 inches in length. 

  • Maximum accuracy, maximum durability, and minimum noise in flight.
  • No cleaning or prep of Bohning Killer Vanes is necessary before installation.
  • The base of the Killer Vanes are chemically treated to promote adhesion.
  • They bond great to any carbon or aluminium shaft with any reputable vane adhesive.

Dimensions of the Killer Vane are: 
Length 4.0 x Height 0.5 inches
Weight: 12 grains.

Made in the USA by The Bohning Company.
Packaged with care by Ten Zone Archery.

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