BOHNING - String Shield Liquid Wax - 33 gram

by Bohning

A premium liquid 'wax' that extends the life of your strings and will not attract dirt and grit.

String Shield is a silicone based liquid wax that instantly penetrates the bow string with no rubbing necessary.

  • There's no need to spread 'String Shield' with your fingers, just apply directly to your string and cables with the padded applicator tube.
  • The sponge applicator is clean and easy, and the String Shield formula reduces string friction while enhancing tired string colours.
  • The odorless and waterproof wax leaves a like-new feel to the bowstring.
  • Totally scent-free formula.
  • Made for modern compound bows and helps maintain peak arrow velocity.

NEW larger 33 gram tube with pad applicator packaged by The Bohning Company.

Made in the USA.

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