Bow Set-Up - RTS Pro


Get your new RTS PRO Bow Package set up right!

If you would like your RTS PRO Package set up correctly by us, this listing is the separate charge for that service.

We perform with care the following 10 pre-delivery tasks in this Set-Up service:

1/ Take the bow out of the factory box, and check to see that everything is in new condition, and free from transit damage.

2/ Check to see if the bow is within factory advertised specification and adjust where necessary in the bow press.

3/ Tie a quality D-Loop onto the main string at the correct nocking height.

4/ Set the bow to your requested draw length and draw weight.

5/ Install the Drop-Away arrow rest and set the correct preliminary height and centre-shot positions. Correctly set-up and TIME the drop-away rest, and connect it in a reliable fashion to the down-cable on the bow.

6/ Install the sight and set the correct preliminary first pin height and housing windage.

NOTE! The bow will NOT be sighted in. 

  • Sighting-in is the responsibility of the person who'll be shooting the bow.
  • Please read the manual included with your bow before you start.
  • When sighting-in a bow, take your first shot in a safe environment, at a short distance, at a suitable target.
  • Keep children and by-standers clear during the sighting-in process.

7/ Install the Peep-Sight and correctly tie it in, so it won’t shoot out of the main string after a few shots.

8/ Install included accessories on the bow, such as the wrist sling, quick-disconnect and/or v-bar mounts, stabilizer and the one-piece quiver mount.

9/ If you have purchased ARROWS in the same order as this bow package, we cut them to the correct length and INSTALL THE INSERTS.

10/ Pack the bow package with care, to reduce the chances of anything being damaged during delivery.

As you can see, there is a lot to be done before Ready-to-Shoot (RTS) Bow Packages are truly READY TO SHOOT!

Our RTS kits are advertised at "bow in the box" prices, as delivered to us from the manufacturer or Australian distributor. So if you want to set the bow up yourself, you're not paying a price that has workshop time built-in.

If you do want to include bow set-up, the link to the correctly priced Bow Set-Up service for your chosen RTS package is located within each RTS Bow listing.


A note from Ten Zone Archery:

When you're looking online for the best deal on a new bow or bow package, it’s not always clear what you get for your money.

Generally, shops with the higher pricing will include the cost of their time to set up a bow package in the ticketed retail price of the bow, and maybe offer the set-up as a ‘free service’. We see nothing wrong with this way of selling, as essentially you are getting what you pay for, if the job is done right.

However more often than not, sellers with the lowest-priced bows and ‘RTS’ packages will draw the most online attention, and therefore get most of the sales.

BUT will the cheapest online bow package arrive at your doorstep READY TO SHOOT?

We believe more often than not, it won’t. Some components might be simply attached to the bow, or merely thrown in the box.

If you want more than a "bow in a box" and would like a truly Ready-to-Shoot bow, we recommend you add this service to your cart.

Regards from Adam West at Ten Zone Archery.

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