BOWFINGER - Ultimate Hunter Stabilizer

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Built for the Ultimate Hunter - engineered to provide exceptional stabilization, quiet and balanced shots and improve accuracy.

The Ultimate Hunter contains our proprietary 'After Shock' internal dampener.
The 'After-Shock' Dampener rapidly dissipates resonating vibration during and after the shot.
The Ultimate Hunter is made of extreme rigid carbon fiber and includes two end weights, one 2oz and one 1oz.
Available in 6, 8 and 10 inch lengths.

Dimensions below include 3 oz of weight fitted:
  • 6” Bar: 6.1oz total weight (total length 6.625”)
  • 8” Bar: 6.3oz total weight (total length 8.625”)
  • 10” Bar: 6.5oz total weight (total length 10.625”)
Lengths specified are for the rods only - the weights add length to the stabilizer.

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