BOWFINGER - XL Hunter Stabilizer

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For tack driving accuracy!

The XL hunter stabilizer will give you a more forgiving setup and better pin float which will lead to tighter groups.

Bowfinger’s exclusive thick-walled carbon fiber tube with a tough epoxy painted finish provides extreme, unmatched durability.

The XL stabilizer includes Limbsaver’s® black broadband dampener providing an extra element of vibration, hand shock, and noise reduction.

Matte black anodized end caps and two x 2oz weights complete the XL Hunter Stabilizer.

Dimensions below include 3 oz of weight fitted (not including the threaded stud):

  • 8" Bar:  7.6oz total weight (total length 8.4")
  • 10" Bar: 7.8oz total weight (total length 11.0")
  • 12" Bar:  8oz  total weight (total length 13.0")
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Made in the USA by BowFinger.

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