COPPER JOHN - Mark 1 - Non-Micro 5-pin Sight with Light

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A blend of economy and durability demanded by today’s hunters.

Stands up to the world’s toughest hunting environments.

The Mark I is the base model in the third generation of Copper John’s award winning 'Dead Nuts' line of pin sights.

This sight has a metal mounting bracket, windage block and elevation block.

Non load bearing material is removed from thick aluminium structural pieces leaving a tough, lightweight, metal frame.

  • 5x .019 fiber optic pins.
  • Right / Left convertible - delivered set up as a RIGHT ONLY.
  • The PIN GUARD is is made with light-weight but strong composite plastic material.
  • Patented bright orange pin guard highlight for rapid peep alignment.
  • Extra long, ultra protected fibers for super bright aiming points!
  • Force spreading pin and washer design eliminates material deformation resulting from over tightening the pins.
  • The bright orange perimeter highlight is coated with vibration absorbing polyurethane for awesome vibration dampening performance.
  • Fiber optics are the toughest in the industry and they stretch 30% more than typical fiber optic material.
  • Dual Mount windage bracket for super wide adjustment window. 
  • Engraved elevation and windage blocks for increased precision!
  • Pre-drilled pin guard for direct fitment of the included AfterBurner LED light (without the need for a bracket).

An optional 2nd Axis Bracket is available for this sight as well as a Micro Adjust Kit.

These sights have a limited 3rd axis leveling feature via a movable bubble level.

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