Evolusion - Ballistic Target Point


A break-off target point for the Exceed ™ Arrow and the Dominator ™ shaft.

The parallel point design offers excellent aero-dynamics and the slight bulge profile also assists with arrow removal from foam targets.

Point post breaks off in 10 grain increments.

Sold in 12-packs.


303 Stainless steel.

Two seat diameters ensure a perfect fit for every Exceed arrow and Dominator shaft spine:

  • Size 1 - 120-80 grain suits 400 to 600 spines.
  • Size 2 - 100-70 grain suits 700 to 1000 spines.
This point comes standard with the Exceed target arrow 12 pack.


    We highly recommend the use AAE Epoxy Adhesive (24 hr set) for point installation. Available here.

    Ensure both the point and shaft have be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol - don't skimp on the prep.

    Avoid soaking the shaft in the isopropyl for an extended period of time - a small amount of isopropyl on a cotton tip is all that is required to clean the internal surface of the shaft.

    Use a dry cotton tip to remove any alcohol that has not evaporated. A clean cotton rag and a little isopropyl will sufficiently clean the post of the point.

    Clean both shaft and point until any residue is removed, and you won't go wrong.

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