Evolusion - Dominator EV-M Micro Nock


The EV-M (Micro) nock is an exact fit for the micro-diameter .165" ID Dominator target shaft. 

The EV-M press-fit nock also fits the standard diameter Raptor shaft, and the slim diameter Tomahawk shaft with the use of Nock Bushings specific to each shaft (all shafts are produced by Evolusion Arrows®).

This high-quality polycarbonate nock is designed for target arrow shafts with a 4.2mm inner diameter.

Two throat sizes:
Large for compound and high poundage recurve strings.
Small for low poundage recurve strings.

Sold in 12-packs.

Weight: 6.7 grains.

Available in 7 colours: Green, Yellow, Solid White, Black (clear), Red, Orange, Pink.

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