Evolusion - Raptor Pin Bushing - 12 pack


If you like shooting tight groups or 3D competition and want to lose fewer arrows to impacts from other arrows, then you need Pin Bushings installed in your Evolusion Raptor 3D and hunting arrows.

  • Made from 7075 T6 aluminium.
  • Weight: 9.5 grains.
  • Sold in 12-packs.

Also fits .2445 ID shafts from Victory, Carbon Express and Black Eagle.

Post Diameter: .1280" - fits all pin nocks on the market.
We recommend MyNock pin nocks.

TIP: Pin bushings don't necessarily need to be glued into the shaft. Treat them as if they are part of the nock - press fit with a layer of very thin plastic between the shaft and the pin. Trim away the excess plastic. Now you have a tight-fitting pin bushing that can easily be removed should it be damaged.

We recommend using pin bushings and pin nocks to a maximum draw weight of 60 lb.

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