Evolusion - Point - Raptor Target 110 to 70 gn - 12pk


A break-off (adjustable weight), glue-in target point for the Raptor range of shafts by Evolusion Arrows®.

One point covers a weight range from 110 to 70 grains.

Designed for best diameter match to the Raptor 500, 400, 340 and 300 shafts.
Can be used with the 600 spine but the point seat will sit a little proud of the carbon shaft.

  • Easy break-off in 10 grain increments.
  • 304 stainless steel.
  • Deep glue channels help create a reliable bond to the shaft.

This point will fit other brands of .2445" or .246"  ID shaft. eg. Victory Force and Gold Tip Velocity.

NOTE! To reduce the point weight you will need to use two pair of pliers.
Get a positive grip the last 
section that you want to keep attached to the point, and bend the unwanted section until it breaks free.
As with all break-off style points, you must grip the section directly adjacent the piece you are removing, to avoid deforming the concentricity of the point.

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