Evolusion - Tomahawk .005 RTS Arrow - 6 pack


The Tomahawk™ by Evolusion Arrows® is a slim diameter arrow that is engineered for accuracy and 'shot-after-shot' durability.

The combination of the thick walled shaft and the heavy duty stainless steel half-out means the Tomahawk™ arrow delivers plenty of 'punch' at all ranges.

Sold in a 6 pack of 'Ready-To-Shoot' arrows.

  • Nocks, vanes, half-outs and points are included with this hand-fletched, ready-to-shoot arrow.

  • Half-outs are installed with AAE slow-set epoxy.

  • Crazy-tough Q2i 2 inch Rapt-X vanes are included. They are precisely installed by hand.
    Vanes are primed with the AAE primer pen and glued with a 3 degree helical using AAE Max Bond glue.

  • Press-fit EV-S nocks can be indexed for the release aid or finger shooter. They are not glued into the arrow shaft.


Straightness Tolerance: +/- .005 inch

Shaft Inner Diameter: .204 ID (5.2mm ID)

Arrow Lengths (AMO): 250 spine: 31 inch, 300 spine: 30 inch, 350 spine: 30 inch, 400 spine: 30 inch.

Available in the following spines:
250 (10.9 gpi), 300 (10.0 gpi), 350 (8.7 gpi), 400 (8.2 gpi).
GPI specifications are shaft only.

Screw-in Point Weight: 100 grains.
Points supplied may be Evolusion 3D field points or Saunders Points - depending on availability of stock.

    Evolusion Arrows® SPINE CHARTS can be found HERE.

    Sold in a 6-pack. Arrows are ready to shoot and cutting is not available.

      Important information

      Please read the Evolusion Arrows® Spine Chart and Safety Information.

      Complete RTS Tomahawk arrows are 100% hand-assembled in Australia using components from the USA and China.

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