Evolusion - Tomahawk EV-M Nock Bushing


A heavy-duty Nock Bushing for use with the Evolusion Arrows® Tomahawk shaft and any other .204" ID (5.2 mm) slim diameter carbon shaft.

This Nock Bushing is designed to offer superior protection to the rear of the shaft when using Evolusion Arrows® EV-M (.165" ID) nocks.

Sold in 12-packs.

  • 22 grain weight.
  • Precision CNC milled stainless steel with perfect concentricity.
  • For use with all Tomahawk shaft spines.
  • Designed for a firm but removable nock fit.

Use with any brand of .165 ID (4.2 mm) nock.
eg. Evolusion EV-Micro, Bohning F Nock, Easton G Nock or Beiter Hunter Nock.

Use with any brand of .204 ID (5.2 mm) shaft.
eg. Evolusion Tomahawk, Easton Axis, Victory RIP.

TIP! Install without glue - use plumbers tape and press fit into the shaft, just like a nock.

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