Evolusion - Tomahawk Half-Out 55 grain


This 55 grain custom Half-Out is standard issue with all Evolusion Arrows® Tomahawk shafts and arrows.

It adds durability and superior FOC to the arrow - outperforming aluminium half-outs and inserts that other manufacturers offer as standard issue and at a higher price.

  • Precision CNC milled stainless steel.
  • 5/16" diameter face for maximum contact with any broadhead seat.
  • Use with any 5/16" diameter field points.
  • Adds 12 mm (.4725") to the finished length of the shaft.

Sold in 12-packs.

Two seat diameters are offered to fit each spine perfectly:

Size 1 (1 groove) - 250 and 300 spine.
Size 2 (2 groove) - 350 and 400 spine.

Install with any reputable 24 hr set epoxy adhesive. We prefer AAE Epoxy for all insert installation.

The Tomahawk Half-Out will fit other .204 ID shafts like the Victory RIP and the Gold Tip Kinetic Chaos.

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