Evolusion - Tomahawk Hunting Shaft .003


The Tomahawk by Evolusion Arrows® is a slim diameter shaft that is engineered for accuracy and durability.

The .204 ID (5.2mm) shaft offers significant advantages over the standard diameter .2445 ID (6.2mm) shaft due to the thinner diameter:

  • less wind drift when a cross breeze is present.
  • less drag for a flatter trajectory.
  • better target penetration.

The .003 or better straightness tolerance is for archers who want the best accuracy in a hard hitting bow-hunting shaft.

The included 55 grain Tomahawk S/S Half-Out allows you to build an arrow with exceptional front-of-centre (FOC).

Tomahawk .003 straightness shafts are also graded in-house for spine tolerance. Spine consistency is given priority, so that shafts are packaged within a minimal spine range.

Sold in 12-packs.


Straightness: .003" or better
(batches consistently deliver an average straightness of .0015" or better).

Spine Range: 7 or better.

Weight Tolerance: +/- 1.5 grain or better.

Shaft Length (uncut): 32.75" (or 32¾") measured to the nock throat.

Diameter: .204 ID (5.2mm ID)

Available in the following spines (and gpi):
250 (10.9 gpi), 300 (10.0 gpi), 350 (8.7 gpi), 400 (8.2 gpi).

Sold in 12-packs.


  • EV-T .204 Nock: 8.5 grains (throat ID .1280")
  • S/S Half-Out: 55 grains (suits a field point with 5/16" seat OD)
    Size 1 (1 groove) - 250 and 300 spine
    Size 2 (2 groove) - 350 and 400 spine

NOTE: The S/S Half-Out adds 12 mm (just under 1/2") to the length of the shaft when assembled. It's possible to build a 33 inch Tomahawk arrow!


  • Tomahawk SLIM Insert: 20-15 grains
  • EV-M HD Nock Bushing: 22 grains (a heavy-duty 304 S/S bushing that suits the EV-M Nock and similar .165 ID nocks by other manufacturers)
  • EV-M Nock: 6.7 grains (this nock must be used with the HD Nock Bushing)

Saunders screw-in points are sold separately - 5/16" OD are suitable.

Important information

Please read the Evolusion Arrows® Spine Chart and Safety Information.

This listing is for bare shafts with nocks and half-outs included.
Some photos may show fletched arrows as examples of how this product is used.

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