Evolusion - Tomahawk SLIM Insert - 12pk


The Tomahawk SLIM insert fits any .204 ID (5.2mm ID) shaft.

When installed correctly, it is concealed within the shaft - an extension of the removable screw in field point.

  • Break-off design, from 20 to 15 grains.
  • Perfect for the field or 3D shooter wanting to use screw-in points in a .204" ID shaft.

To Install:

  • Clean both the inside of the carbon shaft and the exterior of the SLIM insert with isopropyl alcohol. Let both components dry.
  • Apply a thin coating of bow wax to the shank and head seat on your field points (not on the thread or the head of the point).
  • Fit your field points to the SLIM Inserts making sure they are screwed all the way in (ready to apply adhesive).
  • Mix up your two-part slow-set epoxy adhesive.
  • Hold the insert/point combination by the head of point and liberally coat the SLIM Insert from the base up to the first of the three deep glue channels (located in the middle of the insert). A little glue beyond this point is OK.
  • Push the SLIM insert and point into the shaft (while rotating a little clock-wise) until the seat of the point rests against the end of the carbon shaft.
  • Wipe off any excess adhesive and stand the arrow upright until the adhesive sets. (Lean against a wall).

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