Evolusion - Tomahawk ZT Outsert System


The ZT Outsert™ increases the strength and durability of the Evolusion Arrows® Tomahawk shaft. 

The ZT Outsert™ has component tolerances that are superior to outserts that use a simple slide-over sleeve, or a basic screw-fit post.

The unique design of the insert and collar ensures complete concentricity between the two components AND also between the assembled ZT Outsert™ and the Tomahawk shaft. 

Sold in a 12-pack.

The ZT (zero tolerance) Outsert system is an optional component. This component is NOT included with the Tomahawk shaft. The 55 grain S/S Half-Out is the included component supplied with the Tomahawk shaft.


  • Precision CNC milled 7075-T6 aluminium insert - 30 grains (31.5 mm post length).
  • Stainless steel sleeve - 55 grains (16.5 to 17 mm shaft overlap).
  • 5/16" diameter face for maximum contact with any broadhead seat.
  • Use with any 5/16" diameter field points.
  • Adds 14 mm or 9/16" to the finished length of the shaft.

  • Three sizes are offered to fit the following spines perfectly:

    Size 1 (1 groove) - 250 spine.
    Size 2 (2 groove) - 275 spine.
    Size 3 (3 groove) - 300 spine.

    There is no ZT Outsert offered for the 350 and 400 spine Tomahawk shafts.

    The ZT Outsert is designed primarily for use with the Tomahawk shaft.
    We cannot recommend other brands of shaft that will be compatible.


    Square the end of the arrow shaft before installing the ZT Outsert.

    The stainless steel sleeve of the ZT Outsert has been designed so there is no free-play on the carbon shaft.
    GENTLY try to dry-fit the sleeve to the shaft. If it won't slide on easily, don't try to force it on.
    Due to slight variations in the outer diameter of carbon shafts between batches, the shafts may need to be lightly sanded to a distance of 17 mm along from the saw cut. This is normal and is easy to do.

    Using 240 grit sandpaper, hold the abrasive between your thumb and finger while spinning the shaft.
    Gently test-fit the sleeve after 6 to 8 rotations, so just enough carbon is removed. Continue this process until the sleeve slides smoothly onto the shaft.
    Remove the dust with isopropyl alcohol.

    Sanding the shaft in this way will not hurt the shaft - the sanding actually acts as a key for the glue.

    Once all sleeves fit the shafts with a smooth, sliding fit, install both ZT Outsert components with any reputable 24 hr set epoxy adhesive.
    Rotate the components when gluing them in place, to ensure even adhesive coverage.

    Add a tiny amount of glue to the thread within the stainless sleeve, before screwing the insert into place. Both components should be glued to the shaft - this will increase the strength of the Outsert system.

    We prefer AAE Epoxy for all insert and outsert installation as it allows plenty of time to get the installation right, and has good impact resistance.
    If a Loctite adhesive is used, it MUST be an impact resistant formula.
    Beware! Cyanoacrylate adhesives set very fast - you have limited time to move the outsert components into place when installing on the carbon shaft.

    Don't skimp on the prep. Ensure both outsert components AND the carbon shaft have be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
    Don't use methylated spirits, mineral turpentine, brake cleaner, rubbing alcohol or Shellite.

    Use a dry cotton tip to remove any alcohol that has not evaporated from the inside of the shaft. Use a clean cloth to do the same on the outside shaft surface.
    A clean cotton rag and a little isopropyl will sufficiently clean the post of the insert too.

    Once glued rest the arrow shafts vertically, outsert down, if slow-set epoxy was used.

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