Feather Vision - Original Plus Claro Lens 1.375 - AV31

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The new Claro lens (Galician word for Clear) was tested heavily in the field by experienced pro shooters.

Across the board it’s been 100% positive feedback. 

This listing is for the 1.375 AV31 lens.1.750 AV41 lens also available in another listing.

The image is sharper, the clarity is brighter, and it’s been more durable. 

It’s a different base material, not polycarbonate so the ABBE (distortion) level is improved meaning light passes through it cleaner with less optical interference. 

It’s still an aspheric design but has a larger central optical zone to allow for really fantastic image consistency across a larger area across the surface. 

The material itself offers better coating adhesion and has custom index matching for the anti-reflective coatings. 

The end result is a lens that offers brighter, crisper images, less scratching, less peeling, less coating failures and retains a higher surface hardness.  

Available in the following Lens powers: .00, +.25, +.50, +.75, +1.00 diopter.

Made in the USA.

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