HAMSKEA - Hybrid Hunter Pro Rest - Micro Tune

by Hamskea
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A full-capture, limb or cable driven arrow rest that's designed for the discerning bowhunter or archer.

'Built like a Tank' is often an over-used figure of speech, but Hamskea certainly designed and built this rest, with that idiom in firmly in mind! 


  • V-shaped launcher insures the arrow is always sitting in the middle. 
  • Micro adjust windage and elevation adjustments, with easy to see, engraved reference marks.
  • The containment bracket is over-moulded with rubber ensuring quiet arrow loading.
  • The launcher is also over-moulded, with a proprietary 'Hamskea' coating to reduce sound. This is a replaceable item.
  • Zero Stop Technology™ ensures consistent launcher positions, both up and down and also ensures there is no lateral play in the rest axle. The launcher shaft rides on twin sealed stainless steel ball bearings.
  • A multi positionable spring knob, at the end of the launcher axle, offers multiple internal torsion spring adjustment locations.
  • A non-slip compression clamp design with in-line dampening coil stops launcher bounce-back.
  • A universal non-slip limb pad, a heavy duty stretch-free cord and adjustment cord clamp are all included.
  • The universal limb clamp assembly can be configured several ways. Top or bottom limb driven, cable activated or cable drop away.

This rest comes factory set as a limb activated rest.

Made in the USA.

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