HHA - Arrow Rest - Virtus Fall-Away

by HHA

Using the same design passion as the award winning Optimizer sights, the new Virtus Fall Away Rest was built with the hardcore bowhunter in mind.

The Virtus rest provides complete arrow containment and fletch clearance.

A patented latch and brake system (LBS +) combines to produce the smoothest, most reliable fall away rest on the market.
  • Removable containment arm when not required.
  • Centrally located ergonomic thumb lever for cocking the rest with either hand.
  • Full draw indicator markings for easy set-up and perfect timing.
  • A no-slip cord adjustment lock at the rest, provides fast and simple cord tension adjustment, without having to release the cord clamp from the cable.
  • Windage adjustment on the rest body as well as the launcher arm and axle.
  • Windage and elevation engraved markings for precise adjustment.

Comprehensive instructions on how to set up the Virtus arrow rest are included in the pack.

PLEASE! Take the time to read these instructions. Many a drop-away rest has been blamed for fletch contact when the fault actually lies in poor installation OR failure to to keep the bow in correct tune.

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