LIMBSAVER - SuperQuad Split Limbs - 2pk


Superior bow dampening technology for split-limb bows.

The Super Quad is a universal fit Limbsaver for most standard and wide split or quad limb bows.

Features Next Generation NAVCOM material, which improves performance and greatly extends the overall lifespan of the dampener.

Designed to be used in two ways, depending on the limb gap on your bow. 

  • If the gap between the limbs is between 3/4" to 1 1/8", use Orientation One.
  • If the gap between the limbs is between 1/2" to 3/4", use Orientation Two.
  • Installation instructions are included on the pack.
  • 2 units per pack.

Approx. width:  1.89"
Approx. length:  1.47"
Approx. height:  1.41"
Weight:  1.3 oz

Made in the USA by Sims Vibration Laboratory, USA.

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