PLANO - Bow Case 1110 - Protector Compact

by Plano
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Thick wall construction with patented PillarLock®  System ensures the safest travel for your bow in this rugged bow case.

It will fit bows up to 38.5 inches in total length (approx 34.5" ATA measurement).

The PSE Stinger X and Stinger Extreme, PSE Drive SB, Drive 3B and Drive XL, PSE BowMadness, Bear Cruzer G2 and Species, Mission Menace and similar, will fit in this case.

Long riser or past parallel limb bows like the PSE Evoke, Elite E35 and Mathews target bows won't fit in this case.

This case has been used by many archers for international travel - it has lots of free space inside, allowing for the storage of extra clothing and accessories.

  • Comfortable molded handle. 
  • External padlock tabs. 
  • Arrow storage under lid - holds 6 standard diameter arrows. 
  • High-density foam. 43.25" x 6.75" x 19". 
This case is not 100% waterproof or air-tight.
Made in the USA.

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