PSE - Vibracheck - Vibration Backstop 3

by PSE
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The Backstop 3 is super-adjustable for more precise contact with the bow-string.

It features a Vibracheck rubber stopper, which eliminates string vibration and hand shock.

The Backstop 3 is a lighter-weight, more simplified and streamlined version of the Backstop 2, now available in three lengths (SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG).

There are now no set adjustment points - you can make infinite adjustments to fit the stopper behind your string, within the range of the Backstop length best suited to your bow (see Handle-To-String Distances below).

Threads into the rear stabilizer hole on compound bows with AMO 5/16-24 thread.

Your bow must have a 5/16-24 threaded hole on the back of the riser for the Backstop 3 to fit.

  • Reduce hand shock.
  • Eliminate string slap.
  • Reduce shot noise.
  • Allows you to remove speed robbing string mounted silencers on most bows.
  • Helps increase your accuracy.

The BackStop 3 uses Star Key (TORX) adjustment bolts, not hex.

Handle-To-String Distance:
SHORT: 4-7/8” to 5-5/8” (123.8mm to 142.8mm approx.)
MEDIUM: 5-3/8” to 6-1/8” (136.5mm to 155.5mm approx.)
LONG: 5-7/8” to 6-5/8 (149mm to 168mm approx.)

Measure from the rear threaded stabilizer bushing to the string on your bow to find the best fit.

It will not fit Elite bows.

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