Q2I - Rapt-X Vane 2.0 Inch - 36pk


As used on factory-fletched Victory VForce 'Sport' Arrows. 

The next evolution in high point vane technology.
These vanes feature top of class adhesion, superior flight stability, brightest colours and unsurpassed durability. An amazingly versatile vane for hunting & target archery.
  • Incredible broadhead and field point control
  • Increased in flight stability
  • New quieter in flight design
  • Highly visible
Exact dimensions of the Rapt-X 2.0 inch Vane are: 
Length 2.0 x Height .55 x Width 0.033 inches
Weight:  7.0 grains
Q2I Rapt-X logo
Made in the USA
Packaged by Q2I Archery

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