RAD - Tubing - Premium UVR .094 ID - 3 ft


This standard diameter tubing has a 3/32″ inside diameter with a .037" wall thickness.

It's very durable and provides enough tension to correct the worst string rotation problems.

  • It is time tested and proven reliable.
  • A beginning finger shooter will have no worries using this tubing to align their Maxim or Tru-Aligner peep.
  • Made with UltraViolet-resistant elastomer.
  • Sold as a 3 foot length only.
*** WARNING ***
Damaged peep tubing can present the danger of eye damage to the user! Always inspect tubing prior to use and always carefully inspect attachment point to the peep system and tie-on point at the bow cable. Discard damaged, torn, perished or dis-coloured tubing. Adults should supervise children using this product.
Wear eye protection when using this product!
Made in the USA.

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