RIPCORD - Max Arrow Rest - Standard

by Ripcord
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The Ripcord MAX arrow rest has a Ball bearing drive system for extremely smooth operation and superior accuracy.

The MAX rest is activated by a cord attached to the down cable on your bow but unlike the CODE RED model, it is activated by the sudden reduction in pressure applied to the down cable at the shot.

Draw the bow down slowly and the MAX will remain 'cocked', in the ready-to-shoot position.


  • Fire-fall design - launcher stays up on the slow let-down.
  • Ball bearing drive system allows for super-smooth operation.
  • Vault lock cord drive allows you to make fast activation cable adjustments. Also great for a fast cord change if required.
  • 100% arrow containment.
  • Thumb-cock pad on the launcher easy rest setting.
  • Double-down brake system ensures no launcher bounce back.
  • Lightweight CNC aluminum construction.

Comprehensive instructions on how to set up the Ripcord MAX arrow rest are included in the pack.

PLEASE! Take the time to read these instructions. Many a drop-away rest has been blamed for fletch contact when the fault actually lies in poor installation OR failure to to keep the bow in correct tune.

We can provide an installation and timing service for this rest. *** The purchase price of this rest does not include installation labour. *** Please ask for pricing should you require this service. 

Made in the USA.

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