SAUNDERS - Screw-In Bludgeon - 4pk


Saunders Bludgeon small game and novelty heads.

Special energy-transference heads that really pack a wallop on small game!

These precision made heads use a high impact, proprietary material to deliver maximum punch.

  • Each pack contains 4 bludgeons.
  • Fits any arrow insert with industry standard 8/32 thread.
  • Perfect for close-range rabbit hunting or shooting at tin cans and plastic milk bottles.

The tapered head reduces arrow 'snaking' under grass and the rubberized material helps absorb shock should you accidentally hit stumps or rocks.

Please note! The 145 Grain Bludgeon is a slightly different design to the 125, 100 and 85 grain models.

Don't use the 145 grain for small game hunting. We recommend only using the 145 grain for novelty targets.

Made in the USA by Saunders Archery

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