SHREWD - LP Tubing Adaptor Kit for Scopes - .094 tube to 8-32 thread

by Shrewd
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This kit is for use with the Shrewd Nomad and Mini Mag Scopes.

The LP Tubing Adaptor Kit allows an extended pin fibre to be securely wrapped around the scope housing, for greater light gathering and a brighter pin.

The tubing fits snugly into a machined track and groove, for a neat finish and no cable ties!


  • 8"x.094" teflon tubing with 8-32 thread adaptor
  • 8-32 BHCS
  • 2 brass washers

This kit does not include the fibre optic material or the scope.

We can install this kit on your Nomad or Mini Mag scope for you, as there is a trick to getting a super-neat fit the first time.

However! We do charge a $19.00 fee for this service, and you need to bring your scope into our store.

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