SHREWD - OPTUM Lens in Housing - FV Verde Vitri - Zeiss Coat

by Shrewd
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This lens utilises Zeiss glass with a Zeiss anti-reflective green coating.

The lens coating is durable, easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleo phobic, and anti-static.

  • Allows for 99.98% light transmission.
  • Comes in a CNC machined lens retainer housing for easy installation onto the Shrewd Optum ORS.
  • Lens housing features a single lead thread for consistent and repeatable installation.
  • O-ring fitted to prevent loosening under repeated sight vibration.
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 power.

This lens in housing fits the Optum ORS ONLY - it will not fit directly to the Optum Scope housing.

The Optum Lens Housing is larger than that for the Nomad Scope, and offers a full 40mm of sight picture diameter.

It will not fit the Shrewd Nomad scope housing, which has a smaller thread diameter. Nomad Lenses can however be fitted to the Optum ORS (scope assembly) with the use of an optional Adaptor Ring.
Made in the USA.

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