SHREWD - OPTUM Ring System - 40 and 35mm

by Shrewd

The Shrewd Optum Ring System (ORS) allows shooters to change pin positions, fiber colour, or fiber size by swapping between multiple rings in seconds.


  • Optum Ring body.
  • Tubing for fiber (installed).
  • Fiber cover (installed).
  • Pin and fiber (not included with "no pin" option).
  • Blue, red, and green fiber included.
  • Mounting screws (x2).


  • FACTORY-INSTALLED exterior fiber wrap that captures ambient light for a brighter pin.
  • A rotating fibre cover allows precise control over fibre brightness - great for 3D shots into a dark sight picture.
  • Two 8-32 holes for installing a variable after-market light - no more screws and cable ties!
  • Eight pin positions for a preferred sight picture.
  • Threaded on the target side for optional sunshades and lenses.
  • Only 40mm Optum sunshades will thread into the ORS.
  • Removable pin in keyway slot for perfect alignment every time.
This listing is for the ORS with Sight Pin and Fiber or No Pin options ONLY.

The illustration below shows the entire Optum Scope system range. 

    FEATURES of the OPTUM Scope with ORS installed:

    • Adjustable fiber cover for variable pin brightness.
    • Three 8-32 threaded holes allow easy installation of aftermarket light kit, without the hassle of screws and cable-ties.
    • Two of the light positions illuminate the fiber.
    • One light position will illuminate a dot on lens or a fiber in center-drilled lenses.
    • Eight pin positions that can be easily changed with the Optum Ring System (ORS).
    • Pin position indicator offers a quick reference for repeatability.
    • Optional sunshades that can be threaded on either side of the scope.
    • Keyway slot for the pin ensures it always remains in place.
    • 7/16"-20 plug closes the large hole typically found on the side of scopes for complete light control.
    • Mounting pocket accepts square and hex scope rods to prevent the scope from rotating.
    Made in the USA.

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