SPECIALTY - Peep Reducer - 1/4 to 1/8 apertures


The Peep Reducer can be used with the 1/4 inch peep housings (Parts #749-37L, #749-37LH, and #753LH) to reduce the hole size to match the 3/16 inch opening on the smaller size Pro Series and Ultra Lite peeps.

This will allow 1/8 inch and smaller Apertures, Clarifiers, and Verifiers to be installed into the 1/4inch housing.
  • We recommend you use the Dual Aperture Wrench (#210078) to install the Peep Reducer (#753-3) into your 1/4 inch peep.
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 3.125 × 0.75 inches.
CAUTION:  High powered bows create a great amount of vibration. This may loosen Verifiers, Clarifiers and Apertures over time. Tighten your apertures before each use. If you hear a buzzing sound, this indicates a loose aperture.

You may use a drop of Vibra-Tite VC 3 (#VC3), Teflon tape, bow wax, or any other non-permanent binding agent on the threads.

Made in the USA by Specialty Archery, LLC.

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