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The most advanced peep system in the archery industry, completely designed for ultimate accuracy.

Podium Peep Apertures are screwed into the 'shooter-side' of the peep housing and can done so very easily by hand. No wrench is required.

This listing is for a SINGLE Aperture.

  • CST – Center String Technology – Podium Peep™ Aperture located on center of bowstring – no L and R misses.
  • PLT – Protected Lens Technology – Lenses protected by plastic on 2 sides prevents cracking.
  • DSAT – Dual String Angle technology – has both 37 and 45-degree string angles on the same peep housing.
  • TAP – Tool-less Aperture Technology – Knurled Tool-less Podium Peep™ Aperture – eliminates the need for an aperture wrench.

Podium Peep™ Clarifier or Verifier lenses can be removed from the peep for easy cleaning.

NOTE: Podium Peep Apertures, Podium Peep Clarifiers, and Podium Peep Verifiers fit into Specialty Archery Podium Peeps ONLY.  NOT compatible with other Specialty Archery peeps.

Podium Peep Apertures weight 3.5 grains.

Image shows parts of the Podium Peep system, NOT included in this listing.

This listing is for the 6 Aperture Kit.

Made in the USA.

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