SPECIALTY - VERIFIER - for 1/4 Peep Housing

Save 20%

Don't let changes in your vision compromise your ability to make the shot.

Specialty Archery has six verifiers, of varied power to fit the 1/4 inch Large Peep and Large Hooded Peep Housings.

The verifier lens sharpens the picture so pins are easy to see.

The Verifier has a lens in it similar to the ones in your reading glasses that will allow you to see your sight pins better on your hunting sight.

This verifier fits in the 749-37L, 749-37LH, and 753-1 Peep.

The 1/4 inch aperture (viewing area 3/16 inches) is available in your choice of #4 (silver mark), #5 (purple mark), #6 (pink mark), #7 (blue mark), #8 (white mark), or #9 (orange mark) verifier. 

Ten Zone Archery has a special VERIFIER SELECTION DEVICE that will allow you to select the right Verifier for you, first time.


Specialty Archery recommends the use of the Dual Aperture Wrench (210078) for inserting the verifier into peeps.

They also recommend Lens Brite Anti Fog Lens Cleaner (Part 641) for cleaning the lenses.


CAUTION: High powered bows create a great amount of vibration. This may loosen verifiers, clarifiers and apertures over time.

Tighten your apertures before each use. If you hear a buzzing sound, this indicates a loose aperture.

You may use a drop of Vibra-Tite VC 3 (#VC3), Teflon tape, bow wax, or any other non-permanent binding agent on the threads.


Verifier packaging is sealed, and will not be opened for trial fitment of Verifiers to your Podium Peep.

Made in the USA by Specialty Archery, LLC.

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