TRU BALL - Bandit - Wrist Strap Release - Velcro

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When speed is essential in a hunting scenario, the Bandit is ready in seconds.

Less torque, greater accuracy, and adjusts from short to very long.

The ease of adjustment is provided by the red rope connection system.

Load easily by pulling the trigger to open the jaws and letting up to close them.

  • Deadly silent trigger.
  • Sensitivity adjustment screw.
  • Connection encased in weather-resistant flexible tubing, and folds back when not in use.
  • Black anodized head and camo Velcro® strap.

Tap here for the Bandit with a black leather buckle strap.

Achieve your best with TRU Ball!
All TRU Ball releases are thoroughly tested in demanding environments for quality and performance.

Made in the USA.

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