by VaneTec

The FITA 1.75 inch Super Spine is an awesome target and field archery vane!

Super Spine vanes are low profile, lightweight vanes designed for extreme accuracy and shooting long distance target and field archery shots.

VaneTec SS 1.75 super spine FITA vanes are flexible with just the right amount of stiffness.
  • 50 vanes in each pack.
  • Quiet in flight - no flutter.
  • Whisker Rest compatible.
  • No cleaning or prep of VaneTec vanes is necessary.

VaneTec vanes have superior durability and memory which means less time spent re-fletching your arrows.

Use any reputable vane adhesive with VaneTec vanes - our favourites are AAE MaxBond, AAE Fastset Gel and Bohning Blazer Bond (all fast-set adhesives).

Exact dimensions of the SS 1.75 are: 
L 45mm x H 9mm x W(foot) 2.1mm
Weight: approx. 2.6 grains each

NOTE: The PINK colour is a SOFT Pink, NOT a Flo Pink.

Made in the USA by VaneTec. Packaged with care by Ten Zone Archery.

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