VICTORY - Carbon TRAD Sport .204 Shaft .006 - 12pk

by Victory
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Innovation in the hands of a traditional archer.

A nostalgic simulation of natural timber is combined with precise shot consistency and tough durability. 

Victory Carbon Trad hunting arrows feature "wood look" woven linen fibre infused in the outer layer of the small-diameter high-modulus carbon, with the addition of Ice nano ceramic coating for improved penetration and easy removal from targets. This innovative technology reduces archer’s paradox for improved shot grouping and excellent penetration.


  • Every arrow is digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy and consistency.
  • Each dozen is weight matched to +-0.5 grains.
  • Increased FOC (front-of-centre).
  • .204 diameter construction ensures maximum speed and less wind deflection. 
  • Shok® outsert technology for maximum penetration.


  • Shok SS Insert 80 grain
  • A nock 7 grain


  • R nock 15 grain
This product listing is for .006 SPORT shafts only (see chart below).
    Victory Carbon Trad logo
    Victory Carbon Trad spec chart

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